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We are following the correct social distancing guidelines, and we’re bringing more range officers (RSOs) on board. Just go to our range calendar and select a time you want to come out. Bring a friend. If the time slot when you want to shoot is not available, let us know and we’ll do our level best to get an RSO for that time/day.

Please advise: We are compelled to follow the procedures of the state concerning mask wearing. When you enter the Post masks are required. Masks must be worn in the range. If you go to the restroom, you must put your mask on. Masks will also be required when playing the gaming machines. We are also asking all who enter the Post to sign in at the downstairs bar. If someone contracts the virus and has attended our Post we can notify the people that were recently there. Please help us enforce these rules; it is for all of our health.

Our VFW Gun Range is a little unknown Gem for our members. When our Post building was built as a “community fallout shelter” it was designed perfectly for what we have. Once our Post moved in, they opened a gun range. It was crude but it served its purpose. Our Post has hosted many matches and trained many a youth. A fire in our building put all we had in jeopardy, but we were able to overcome and a newer better range came from this disaster.

Many ask about the range when they see it for the first time. Our range is open to members of Post 2801, that’s all Post VFW Members, our VFW Auxiliary Members, Community Donors, and their Families. This is a private range for our members only, it is a privilege to shoot here. Our range is open at various times throughout the week, usually 3 to 7 hours a day. Our calendar will show days and times when our volunteer RSO’s will be in the range only for our members use. Our RSOs (Range Safety Officers) will be on the range anytime it is open for our members. Having only 5 lanes to oversee, they offer excellent supervision and have to ability to assist on safe gun handing practices. Members are encouraged to become RSO’s to help staff our range.

Our range is a 50 ft. (Per NRA Match Standards) range that uses a state of the art computer controlled target system. One can shoot any common centerfire pistol cartridges, NO centerfire rifles are allowed.

Our range has excellent air circulation. The exchange is superior to other ranges and it is heated and cooled for year round comfort.

Our range has been operational now for 4 years and each and every day we improve upon what we have. We have a cadre of “volunteer” RSO’s that donate weekly their own time to have our Post’s range open for its members.

Since reopening we have held gun shows that have helped our Post with various projects as well as help us maintain the range. Our Gun Shows even help our ‘Youth Programs”. Our gun shows could not be as successful as they have been if not for the commitment of our show organizer Ron Bongot and our RSO’s. Our Next Gun Show is set for May 11th, so mark your calendars and come check it out.

Our range constantly has raffles going on where the proceeds will go to further our range improvements.

We have had a few “Ham” Shoots, where 1 in 5 shooters can win a ham. We have put on fun shoots for a few of our veteran organizations where the proceeds went to the charities of their choice.

Every Thursday is TACTICAL THURSDAY from 5-7:30 pm and every 2nd and 4th Friday from 7-9 pm is FRIDAY FISH FRY FIREFIGHT, and these are a BIG HIT with our members, and the food is unbelievable. We encourage members to come to either one and have a fun time shooting, check it out, it’s a heck of a lot of fun. So come on down on Thursdays and stay and have some food and beer when finished. And on Fridays come for the fish fry and stay and shoot a little bit afterwards. And don’t forget the Post has some of the best food and it is a great place to just commiserate with your fellow shooters and post members.

The Post sponsors a youth team and we are planning on expanding this to adults. We are always looking for individuals who can help us give back.

Are you remembering the F in VFW stands for FUN? Well the V is for Veterans and the W is for WOW! Come check us out and have some FUN, talk to a few VET’s and say WOW what a great place.

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For more information check out the Range FAQ’s VFW Range FAQ